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Who doesn’t love a vacation to Bermuda? Who in their right mind doesn’t want to have some fun in the sun with some colleagues that you don’t particularly care for? You can get some drinks in your hands and sand between your toes and just relax. Of course, you have to be careful when traveling over the Atlantic. Freak storms can come out of nowhere and take your aircrafts down. That is aircrafts, by the way. Plural. Because for some inexplicable reason it is standard for groups of five or more people to travel in two helicopters, rather than one plane. I don’t make the rules.

When you inevitably cross paths with some ominous black clouds, there’s no need to worry. As luck would have it, there’s usually a solid landmass to safely land upon with minimal injuries. You just have to watch out for dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts that roam the wilderness. Those can be a bit of a nuisance.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the sun or the beach, and I’ve never been to Bermuda, so I assume this is all pretty standard as far as tropical vacations go. At the very least, that’s the setup for the decently fun monster-romp Jurassic Triangle.

The actors play their parts straight, which goes a long way toward keeping the movie watchable. Once the helicopters crash down, and the lead pilot Captain Rawson (Rob Kirtley) is out of commission, the crew of downed tourists behaves reasonably given their circumstances. They venture out to seek help and try to keep their emotions under control. It can be easy to ridicule a movie like this, but the actors bring commendable effort to their performances and keep things feeling moderately believable.

The script by Harry Boxley moves along at a decent pace. Once Jax (Andre Pierre) and his band of mercenaries shows up, it’s explained that the characters didn’t just crash in a storm. They’ve landed on an island where time stands still, and prehistoric creatures rule the land.

This particular piece of land looks more like the British countryside rather than a tropical island, but I’m sure that has something to do with the nature of the temporal anomaly.

Once the nature of the island is established, we’re treated to plenty of action to keep us entertained. There’re gunfights, dino-chomping, and some kind of weird crab-monster thing with sonic-boom vocal skills. Was there ever really a creature that exploded its victims with loud yells? I’m not sure. But it looks pretty cool, so I think we can allow it.

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The VelociPastor Movie Review

The CG on the dinosaurs and other creatures is not the greatest, but they are much better than I would have expected. They never quite blend in with the backgrounds and mostly look like pasted in after-effects (which they are). But they’re not atrocious. That’s not the most glowing compliment I’ve ever given, but in comparison to some other movies like Jurassic Triangle that’s some pretty high praise.

Where the movie could be improved is in the gore department. No one is coming to a movie called Jurassic Triangle with hopes of fantastic acting and stellar CG. We just want to see people chopped, eviscerated, and splattered.

There is a decent amount of splatter to be found, though the majority of that is CG blood explosions which leave a bit to be desired. The CG blood gets to be a bit frustrating because the movie’s not afraid to get physical on occasion. The aforementioned Jax as well as Philippa (Chrissie Wunna) take part in the two gooiest scenes the movie has to offer. It’s during moments like those when Jurassic Triangle is at its best. If there had just been a couple more gags to really gross out the audience, the movie could really jump up a few notches in the entertainment value.

Despite that, Jurassic Triangle is worth a watch. It’s fast-paced, decently plotted and doesn’t try too hard to be more than it is. It’s the kind of movie you can use to kill some time on a lazy Sunday afternoon with no worries that the plot will get the better of you.

There are plenty of movies out there that can satisfy your needs for plot, but those movies don’t have dinosaurs, monsters, or time vortexes. This movie does.

So, if you’re into that kind of thing, Jurassic Triangle just might be the movie for you.