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Ghost Town Movie Review

A lone drifter stumbles through the desert of the old west. Ragged and sun-beaten, Solomon (Owen Conway) looks ready to keel over and die at any moment.

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The Welder Movie Review

What do you get when you take Get Out (2017) and mix it with Frankenstein (1931) and toss in a bit of The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)—yeah, that one?

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Blood Daughter Movie Review

Everyone knows any good Dracula-esque story requires a shoulder-crushing weight of loneliness and loss. Blood Daughter delivers in that regard.

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Free to A Bad Home Anthology Movie Review

…[T]he Hales have raised the horror anthology to a new level with the way they’ve added some new twists and turns to the formula that we’re used to.

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Vampus Horror Tales Anthology Movie Review

Haunting the graveyards of Spain, Sr Fettes, better known as Vampus (Saturnino García) is a grave robber, murderer, fine chef, and connoisseur of horror comics.

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Official Trailer Drops for THE WELDER – Coming This February

Director David Liz’s The Welder is set to mutilate your sensibilities on digital this February by way of Terror Films, and we have the trailer!

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Upcoming Horror Anthology FREE TO A BAD HOME Drops Trailer

Directors Scott and Kameron Hale (Entropy) are set to unleash a horror anthology in the vein of Creepshow and V/H/S/ this February by way of Terror Films….

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The Leech Movie Review

The season of giving is upon us. The Leech, written and directed by Eric Pennycoff, tells the story of how sometimes such acts of giving can go horribly awry.

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The Christmas Tapes Movie Review

So, if you’re like me, you aren’t exactly thrilled about this time of the year. I don’t particularly care for the twinkly lights and the mad dashes to the….

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The Walking Dead Final Season Review: The End

“The Walking Dead is dead; long live The Walking Dead!”
That seems appropriate. I mean, The Walking Dead IS finally over, but with spinoffs and….

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