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The Walking Dead Final Season Review: The End

“The Walking Dead is dead; long live The Walking Dead!”
That seems appropriate. I mean, The Walking Dead IS finally over, but with spinoffs and….

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Anima Morte: Serpents In The Field Of Sleep Album Review

What would a horror movie be without music? Nothing, that’s what. Or, at the very least, it would be a lot less than what it should be. Spooky music has….

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Sleep.Walk.Kill Movie Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep! But sleeping is so darn tempting these days, isn’t it? Life is rough and your bed is so warm and comfy. However, after watching the debut film—an absolute indie gem–from writer/director Justin […]

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The Killing Tree Movie Review

There’s nothing quite like Christmas Horror. Book or movie, it doesn’t matter. It’s the perfect blend of salty and sweet. Horrific and whimsical. Ghosts and goblins and ghouls are par for the course on Halloween, but Christmas Horror feels like a special treat. It can […]

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31 Days of Horror: Letters from the Frontline

Running Ravenous Monster is a passion project. It costs time. It costs money. It requires labor. The reward is writing about a topic I love for an audience I appreciate. I enjoy it because, like you, I’m a horror fan through and through. So, when […]

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Don’t F*** In The Woods 2 Movie Review

What are we even doing here? This is what we’ve come to, huh? Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2. That’s the actual name of the movie. And “2”? There’s more than one of these? This isn’t a movie. This is a joke. It’s the bonehead […]

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They Crawl Beneath Movie Review

Life’s been tough for Danny (Joseph Almani). He’s struggling with his job as a police officer. His girlfriend has left him. And now he’s staying with his Uncle Bill (Michael Paré) at a secluded ranch in the middle of nowhere. Things aren’t looking too good […]

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Surrogate Movie Review

It’s finally that time of year and I, for one, am ready for it. I just watched a pretty great movie to kick the season off and I’m just going to get right to it and tell you a little bit about Surrogate—a spooky, ghostly […]

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Greywood’s Plot Movie Review

“I believe there are monsters in the world that are born to human parents.” –John Steinbeck The social media age is the age of billions of people struggling against each other in a race to be heard. Millions of podcasts and YouTube channels and blogs […]

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Trailer Drops for DON’T F*CK IN THE WOODS 2 Hitting Digital October 11

Hello, Horror Fans! I recently received a press release that began, “The long-awaited sequel to cult slasher film Don’t F*ck in The Woods comes home this October.” Further explication helped me realize that the phrase “long-awaited” implies that a person or group of people are […]

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