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The Bloody Man Movie Review

If you’re a sucker for ‘80s horror, then I might have something for you. From writer/director Daniel Benedict comes a tries-to-be- fun-for-the-whole-family film called, The Bloody Man—a tale of a typical family that faces a demonic force bound and determined to rip them apart from […]

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18 min

THE WITCHMAKER Retrospective: Satan in the Swamp

I’ve never been to Louisiana, but I’d sure like to go some day. See the old graveyards of New Orleans, visit the voodoo shops of the French Quarter, grab some delicious seafood at some shack out in the sticks. But more than anything, I’d love […]

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Glasshouse Movie Review

Oh, what might have been. Director Kelsey Egan’s first full-length feature, Glasshouse, is a beautifully filmed dystopian tale. An airborne pandemic known as The Shred takes its toll by robbing people of their memory and, eventually, almost all mental capacity. The focus is on a […]

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4 min

Final Caller Movie Review

Let’s face it. Everything pretty much sucks right now and it’s hard not to be down about current world events. However, thanks to the latest offering from iconic horror writer/director Todd Sheets, we have a new gory goody called Final Caller to help us lift […]

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7 min

H.P. Lovecraft’s Witch House Movie Review

Of all the practitioners of the Weird Tale, perhaps none is as slippery as H.P Lovecraft. Despite being among the most well-known figures in horror literature for the last century, adaptations of his works are relatively few and far between. When an adaptation does rise […]

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SLAUGHTER DAY Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Coming September 13 from SOV Curator Visual Vengeance

Visual Vengeance—a new imprint of Wild Eye Releasing—is here to salvage as much SOV horror, exploitation, and sci-fi from the ‘80s and ‘90s as possible and they do it by way of high-quality (ironic, I know) Blu-ray releases of the era’s most infamous titles. Their […]

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Trailer Drops for A TOWN FULL OF GHOSTS

Isaac Rodriguez’s high concept, found footage nightmare A Town Full of Ghosts is coming soon to scare city slickers near and far and we have the trailer! When Mark and his wife Jenna go all-in to purchase an isolated ghost town with dreams of tourist […]

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Human Factors Movie Review

Writer/director Ronny Trocker’s Human Factors is a tale about perspective…I think? Perspectives told from each member of a family who are affected by a random home invasion and other pressing issues they’re all experiencing, such as jealousy, mistrust, lack of confidence and self-worth. This seems […]

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4 min

Children of Sin Movie Review

Children of Sin is a crazy, blood-soaked tale about a less-than-perfect pair of parents who send their rebellious daughter and homosexual son to a strange “religious” retreat called Abraham House to save their souls from going to Hell…oh no!! But is everything really as it […]

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6 min

Room 203 Movie Review

There’s something strange happening in Room 203. A grisly past has kept tenants away for fifty years. A strange odor fills the apartment. A hole in the wall resists any attempt at repair. Room 203 has remained empty for decades. Until now. When Kim (Francesca […]

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