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Watch Trailers for SHARKULA and AMITYVILLE IN SPACE Coming This Summer!

Look, Horror Fans, when you run a horror site and Wild Eye Releasing dumps press releases for two Mark Polonia joints in your lap in the same week…well, there’s really no choice. We’re runnin’ ‘em both! Ladies and Gentlemen, we humbly present you the trailers […]

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie Review

I really do try to avoid proclaiming things “objectively true,” but it happens sometimes. I’m opinionated. Go figure. So, at the risk of pissing off some segment of Toxic Fandom du Jour, I’m going to go ahead and state that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre […]

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FIRST MAN INTO SPACE Movie Retrospective: A Modern Day Icarus

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the space race was on! The competition to reach and exploit the infinity of space between Cold War enemies USA and USSR was a constant theme of the news and popular culture. Who would be the first to […]

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Repossession Movie Review

What constitutes the perfect life? Does such a thing even really exist? Say you work all day, every day to build said perfect life. Then one day, it just starts to unravel for no “real” reason until it’s all gone. What would you do to […]

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The Darkness of the Road Movie Review

If you haven’t yet heard of Eduardo Rodriguez, you haven’t been paying attention. The Venezuelan director, whose grad school thesis project Daughter made a splash in the short film category at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival, has been steadily building a career in the horror […]

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That Cold Dead Look in Your Eyes Movie Review

Congrats everyone! We’ve managed to make it through another shit show to witness the next to come! Can you dig it?! On a serious note, I hope everyone reading this is doing as well as possible. Times are tough, but I hope that this can […]

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Dexter: New Blood Season Review

Remember the name Clyde Phillips. Like many of you, your humble reviewer was sitting in front of the TV on September 22, 2013, tuned into to Showtime to watch Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall)—the Miami Metro Homicide blood spatter analyst turned vigilante serial killer—as he […]

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The Lights of Prague Book Review

Despite my overwhelming desire to visit macabre places around the globe, I have yet to step foot in the magical city of Prague. When it comes to European locations steeped in mysticism and ghostly lore, few can be mentioned in the same breath as this […]

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Interview with BLACK HOLLER Director Jason Berg

Something evil lurks in the backwoods of Black Holler. When a college camping trip crosses paths with the evil entity, it’s up to Laquita Johnson, to save her witless classmates, and bring an end to the curse that haunts the land. Last month, I had […]

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The Acid King: The Birth of America’s Satanic Panic Movie Review

Try to resist the impulse though we might, we define our eras by their crimes. You think of sooty, oppressive, desperately poor Victorian London and you think of Jack the Ripper. Get as dewy-eyed as you want about Woodstock and the Summer of Love, but […]

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