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They Crawl Beneath Movie Review

Life’s been tough for Danny (Joseph Almani). He’s struggling with his job as a police officer. His girlfriend has left him. And now he’s staying with his Uncle Bill (Michael Paré) at a secluded ranch in the middle of nowhere. Things aren’t looking too good […]

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Surrogate Movie Review

It’s finally that time of year and I, for one, am ready for it. I just watched a pretty great movie to kick the season off and I’m just going to get right to it and tell you a little bit about Surrogate—a spooky, ghostly […]

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Greywood’s Plot Movie Review

“I believe there are monsters in the world that are born to human parents.” –John Steinbeck The social media age is the age of billions of people struggling against each other in a race to be heard. Millions of podcasts and YouTube channels and blogs […]

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Trailer Drops for DON’T F*CK IN THE WOODS 2 Hitting Digital October 11

Hello, Horror Fans! I recently received a press release that began, “The long-awaited sequel to cult slasher film Don’t F*ck in The Woods comes home this October.” Further explication helped me realize that the phrase “long-awaited” implies that a person or group of people are […]

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The Andy Baker Tape Movie Review

If you like found-footage films, then you’ll definitely want to give The Andy Baker Tape a chance. The trailer for this caught my attention because I’ve grown rather tired of the same old horror offerings where the same old shit happens. This isn’t your paranormal […]

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The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 Movie Review

There’re not many things more nerve wracking than a big move to a new city. You’re in a strange place, cut off from family and friends, working to get your life in order. Everything is upside down, and it’s a constant struggle just to find […]

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The Bloody Man Movie Review

If you’re a sucker for ‘80s horror, then I might have something for you. From writer/director Daniel Benedict comes a tries-to-be- fun-for-the-whole-family film called, The Bloody Man—a tale of a typical family that faces a demonic force bound and determined to rip them apart from […]

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THE WITCHMAKER Retrospective: Satan in the Swamp

I’ve never been to Louisiana, but I’d sure like to go some day. See the old graveyards of New Orleans, visit the voodoo shops of the French Quarter, grab some delicious seafood at some shack out in the sticks. But more than anything, I’d love […]

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Glasshouse Movie Review

Oh, what might have been. Director Kelsey Egan’s first full-length feature, Glasshouse, is a beautifully filmed dystopian tale. An airborne pandemic known as The Shred takes its toll by robbing people of their memory and, eventually, almost all mental capacity. The focus is on a […]

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Final Caller Movie Review

Let’s face it. Everything pretty much sucks right now and it’s hard not to be down about current world events. However, thanks to the latest offering from iconic horror writer/director Todd Sheets, we have a new gory goody called Final Caller to help us lift […]

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