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Ten years ago today I wrote the words, “Welcome to Ravenous Monster….”  A few short paragraphs later this website lurched off the slab as I roared, “It’s alive! It’s ALIVE!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

I want to humbly acknowledge this milestone and say thank you to our small but loyal readership—our Horror Fans.  Thank you for giving our content a shot and for giving us an audience for our musings.  I also want to thank all the Ravenous Monster writers, past and present, whose work and words have fueled this thing.

RavMon contributor Justin Hamelin (left) and editor-in-chief Jason Thorson (right) in 2017.

As I wrote a decade ago, there wasn’t really a void that needed to be filled.  And that remains true today.  So why do this?  Well, for as many times as I’ve asked myself that same question over the years, you’d think the reason would be profound or at least complex.  But it’s actually super simple.  I’m a writer.  And I love horror movies.  So, me writing about horror movies is just how the universe works.  I might as well share it with you.  And since that requires a “sharing infrastructure,” i.e. a website, I figure other people who share my talents and tastes might as well use Ravenous Monster as a conduit to write about horror for an audience too.

That’s it.

RavMon editor-in-chief Jason Thorson (left) and contributor Hunter Eden enjoying coffee in 2018.

As a result, I’ve forged some fantastic relationships, both creatively and professionally, not to mention meeting some of my best friends. Along the way I’ve also gotten to meet some of my childhood heroes, I’ve gotten to enjoy some incredible art, and I’ve learned a ton.

As I type these words, I have every intention of checking in a decade from now to thank you again.  Like all labors of love, sometimes this one leans toward labor and other times it leans toward love.  The quality of every facet of this website ebbs and flows with the tide of what’s going on in the real world and how that affects my life and the lives of our contributors.  But even so.  Writers write.  And writers who love horror write about horror.  It’s that simple.

Thanks for reading.

Actor Sid Haig (left) and RavMon’s Jason Thorson shooting the breeze back in 2011.