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Hello Readers! I hope you all had a decent Thanksgiving celebration and are doing okay out there. Usually, I kick my reviews off with an introduction of sorts, but I’m just going to jump right in and tell you a little bit about yet another home invasion movie. Oh, and the home invaders are a bunch of disturbed and deranged psychopaths, including one who wears a mask. *heavy sigh*

Haven’t we had our fill of this premise yet?!

The general story of Derelicts is that a not-so-perfect family tries to come together to celebrate Thanksgiving as usual. As we see early on, the imperfect family is more dysfunctional than they want to admit. We’ve got a pair of horny elders, who like to bang one (or more) out throughout the day. There’s the perverted son, who likes his shower time for…reasons. The father figure of the family is a sullen type who has his own sexually deviant secrets. His wife is just a bitchy mom type who’s just kind of around to bitch and take up space. Finally, there’s the pretty daughter who naturally has issues of her own.

So, as the day moves on, we’re let in on just how fucked up this family truly is. These are the type of people who need something horrible to happen to them. Lo and behold, the home invaders arrive, and I’ve gotta tell you, this gang is made up of some of the ugliest folks I’ve seen in a while. This crew includes a wedding gowned Courtney Love-looking gal, a clenched-toothed dim bulb, an Otis Driftwood-inspired group leader and, of course, the screaming, non-verbal one who wears a gutted teddy bear as a mask.

Anyway, so once the invasion begins, things get even more weird and disturbing.  I’m not going to spoil anything else. However, I will say that nothing story-wise—if there really even IS a story—makes any sense at all. So basically, Derelicts is just a dysfunctional family versus an even more dysfunctional family, a blood-soaked hour and ten minutes of “what the fuck am I watching?!”

Derelicts comes to us from the writing trio of Brett Glassburg (writer/director), Andre Evrenos and Clay Shirley, and the fine folks at Terror Films and Batchain Productions. Derelicts is essentially a mashup of everything Troma and Rob Zombie. If you’re one who enjoys a ton of gore, geriatric porn, really bad acting and a story that doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense, then Derelicts is an absolute must-see. You can currently find Derelicts on VOD.