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Apollo 18 Movie Review

Although delayed about as many times as an actual space launch, Gonzalo López-Gallego’s Apollo 18 finally achieved lift off on September 2nd after six changes in its release date. A Wikileaks-style release of footage at reveals the real fate of the last mission to Earth’s […]

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Movie Review

In 1973 a made-for-TV movie scared and inspired future cretin creator Guillermo del Toro so much that it’s stuck with him for nearly forty years.  And after much hype and plenty of creepy commercials, the del Toro-produced and co-written remake of ‘Don’t Be Afraid of […]

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Alma Movie Review: A Concise Creepy Doll Nightmare

This is more of an artistic critique, over film review, so as not to distract with spoilers. The moral in this sublime animated fable is actually a crusting of several worn, oft-spoken and trite truisms any child of the Bible belt or seasoned guru quipper […]

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Movie Review

Ravenous horror humorist, Billy Boyce is back with more amusing musings on the latest genre output…. When I heard this movie was in pre-production, I was stoked. When I heard that the West Londoner, and motion capture expert, Andy Serkis was on board, I cried […]

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DEAD Journal: Diary of an Indie Filmmaker 3

As yet another summer melts away, the realization that I have a pending film premiere in roughly three months is starting to set in. For me, the biggest challenges have been the most fun aspects of this process. There are still plenty of things to […]

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Zombie: Lucio Fulci’s Walking Dead Opus

On October 25th, 2011 Blue Underground is slated to unleash the definitive edition of Lucio Fulci’s 1979 walking dead opus, Zombie (Zombi 2), and on Blu-ray no less!  This pending release provides an excellent opportunity for another entry into Ravenous Monster’s horror movie retrospective series. […]

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Non-Horror Horror: How to Genrefy Anything

If you’re like the ruck of humanity, when you’ve just fallen in love, you’re kind of like a sugar glider:[1] adorable, hyperactive, chatty, able to defy gravity through sheer exuberance, and annoying as all fuck.  When I discovered horror at the age of fourteen, it […]

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Interview with Author Madeleine Roux

My path to this interview was a strange one.  Let me explain: Back in February I was reading through Fangoria issue 301, cover-to-cover as I’m wont to do, when I got to the book reviews section.  The featured “Book of the Month” was yet another […]

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Interview with Author and Musician Jeremy Wagner

Jeremy Wagner has bestowed the horror genre with sick and twisted offerings for over twenty years now.  As guitarist and lyricist for the band Broken Hope – a progenitor of brutal American death metal, and more recently as a novelist, Wagner has been attacking the mainstream […]

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DEAD Journal: Diary of an Indie Filmmaker 2

The Master of Splatter, Tom Savini, once said, “Limitations, like no money, always make you more creative and the fun is creating that stuff.” I have always had a hyperactive imagination. The film bug first bit me as a freshman in high school. On a […]

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